Introduction to BPMN 2

A concise, simple yet complete introduction to BPMN 2. 

This book is suitable for:

  • Business people with some experience of modeling simple processes who need to be able to read BPMN models and, perhaps, to create their own simple BPMN models. 
  • Experienced business analysts who want to supplement their analysis toolkit with BPMN. 
  • Undergraduates and postgraduates as a text for computing courses. 
  • Anyone who needs a very complete reference that is much easier to read than the BPMN specification.

Interactive iBook version (recommended!)

This is an enhanced iBook to be read on the iPad or Mac. It is available in the Apple iBookstore. Learn BPMN 2 with animations, interactive diagrams and quizzes.

Example animation:

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Non interactive PDF version

The same text, but without the animations and other interactive features. Suitable for non-iBook enabled devices.

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Training course

We offer a complete BPMN 2 training course based on this book which is free to Universities (see bottom of page).

Introduction To BPMN 2
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