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Clear View Training is owned by Dr. Jim Arlow and Ila Neustadt.

We specialize in consultancy and training in OO analysis and design, UML modelling, BPMN, Metadata Management, Model Driven Architecture (MDA), requirements engineering and software engineering process design and implementation.


Jim and Ila are authors of several best selling books on UML, BPMN and Model Driven Architecture. 

Our latest modeling book is “Secrets of Analysis”. This describes an approach to object oriented analysis called Generative Analysis. It tells you how to take unstructured, informal information, and, through a well-defined process of transformation, produce precise, structured information and ultimately UML models. If you ever wanted to learn the secrets of how experts produce UML analysis models, then this book is for you. We hope it can help re-establish OOA as a key discipline for the UML modeller/Business Analyst. Fed up with semantically weak user stories? Want to put some rigour back into your analysis process? This is the answer.

Also be sure to check out our “Introduction to BPMN 2”. We believe that this is the first interactive modeling textbook ever produced. It is an enhanced ebook with animations and interactive figures for the iPad and Mac. Animations show you precisely how the various BPMN modeling element work. The interactive edition is available in Apple iBook Store. It is also available in a non interactive PDF version for all other readers from Amazon. 

We have also been doing some work in Mathematica and the revolutionary Wolfram Language, and have just published an interactive ebook called “Interactive Computational Geometry - a taxonomic approach”.

Future books: More or less as a hobby, Jim has been writing an interactive textbook on mathematics and musical set theory using the Wolfram Language. Contact us for details.

Training courses

Universities - we offer all of our training materials free to universities. All we ask in rerturn is that if there is a book associated with the materials, it is recommended as a course book.

Commercial organizations - all of our training courses are available for delivery or licensing. Contact us for details.

We offer:

  • UML 2 and the Unified Process
  • Introduction to BPMN 2
  • Miscellaneous OOAD/MDA/Metadata Management courses
  • Bespoke courses
  • Any topic from “Secrets of Analysis"

Clients include: JP Morgan, British Airways, Vodafone, AVIVA etc.

© Clear View Training 2012